Civil War from Marvel Comics

The next item that I decided to cross of the list was “a graphic novel or comic book”. I’ve become a huge fan of Marvel’s cinematic universe, so I decided to try reading a comic series. Naturally, I chose Civil War because Captain America is my absolute favorite character (#teamcap), and the movie is premiering in May.

I learned so much about the universe just by reading this particular story line. I have to admit that there were some characters that I had never seen before, but I enjoyed getting to know them, even if they did not appear that much.

Spoilers: This comic started by the public wanting each superhero to register with Shield, and this is where the separation began. Half of the superheroes whose identities were already known had no qualms with this. However, the other half, who worked hard at keeping their identities a secret did not want to give that information away. So naturally the superheroes turned on each other, each side wanting to win for their beliefs.

I’m not sure if the movie will follow the same story line. However, I have found the below which I believe is an entirely plausible beginning…

Hah. Perfect, right?

What’s your favorite comic book?


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