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I’m Running A Half-Marathon!?!

Yes, it’s true.

Surprisingly enough, I actually will be running a half-marathon, and better yet, I think I’ll finish! Now before I go on, I just would like to say that I am not runner. The longest I have ever ran at once was a mile in high school because we were forced too. (Also, high school was 7 years ago).

How did this all start? Well, my roommate, Laura, loves to run and coincidentally, loves Disney as well. Did you know that Disney hosts 10Ks, Half-Marathons and Marathons all the time throughout their parks? I didn’t, but believe me I know now. Laura decided on a whim to sign up. She continued to convince me and our other friend, Jenna, to join her as well. Now, here’s the fun part. Laura signed up for both the 10K and Half-Marathon (she’s crazy, I know). Here is the moment where I should have thought logically. I haven’t done anything active in who knows how long…I should just stick to the 10K. But what was my response? “Balls to the walls, let’s do the half-marathon!”

Why would I say that? No, please…someone tell me why.

By the time I decided to start my “training” that was all I could think of. Why would everyone let me do this?

After a few weeks went by with little to no progress, I was getting upset. As in, half-ready to start crying from frustration when running (which, you know, is super embarrassing). After failing at running 2 miles, I was complaining to Laura, saying “I was never gonna make it!”, “I’m gonna die at Disney”, and “This is the worst thing I’ve ever done”…Yes, I am slightly dramatic. However, she was very patient with me. Every time I had a negative thought, she would respond with a positive one. One day she just said I’ll be able to do it. It’s all a mental game. You don’t have to be fast, you just have to keep a pace. You’ll have enough time to finish the race.

I kept that in mind the next time that I ran…which I have to say I think I’m a pretty positive person in general, but I definitely needed this pep talk. It made all the difference. I started running as I usually did…and got tired as I usually did, but instead of walking right away, I remember what Laura said. So I slowed down…like to a snails pace…but I was still running. And I kept that pace for the 2 mile distance that I had to run. I couldn’t believe it. I went from not being able to run for 400 meters to running a full 2 miles, just because I changed the way I viewed running.

So I kept going. I kept adding miles, having to pace myself even longer, and I’m still going! I have found myself actually getting excited to go running which I never expected.

I’m now at 8 miles! I’m so close to getting there. I’m more than half-way done with the 13.1 miles, and I am so proud of myself. Now, I know, I still have 5 miles to go to make it to the actual distance, but I’m feeling positive about it. And even if something happens, and I don’t finish the race, I can’t be too disappointed. I went from running nothing to being able to run 8+ miles in a few months. I have to say this is a proud accomplishment for me…it was something I never thought I could do.

I guess what I’m also trying to say is attitude makes a huge difference, as well as having someone there to back you up. I know I wouldn’t be able to do this without the help of an amazing friend.

Anyway, wish me luck! Hopefully, I’ll have good news for you in a month 🙂


6 thoughts on “I’m Running A Half-Marathon!?!

  1. Keep it up. Your doing fine. Small word of advice on race day…don’t get too excited and go out too fast. Keep a comfortable pace and you’ll finish upright, and smiling. Congrats on your first Disney race. You will love it.

  2. My sister is a marathon runner and we’ve talked about doing the Princess Marathon that Disney puts on. I’d love to hear your take on running at Disney – maybe it’ll get ME fired up to join my sister! Good luck!

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