To All You Harry Potter Fans…

First off, let me start this by saying, that I love Harry Potter. I grew up with the series. I waited in line for the midnight book releases, had bonding moments with complete strangers over the series and I wrote my fair share of fanfiction (I guess I’ll admit that 🙂 ). The series has been with me through so much, and I’m sad that it is over. I know some other people are probably feeling the same way, so here are a few things to keep the love alive!

Here is a sporcle quiz. Have you never been on sporcle? Well, let me apologize because you will be on this site for most of the upcoming month…no joke, it’s addicting. However, the name of the quiz is Can You Name All 199 Harry Potter Chapters? Right now, you are probably thinking that no one will be able to do that…well, many people have done it (myself included). My roommate and I would battle and see who could guess the most. It’s a fun quiz, and I guarantee that you know more than you think 🙂

Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you like Harry Potter. Do you like musicals? Also do you like parodies of HP? Because if you do, do I have something for you! It’s only the best HP musical ever! Yes, I wish I knew these totally awesome people who wrote and performed this musical. Anyway, if you have some time WATCH THIS!

Annnnd, of course, pinterest doesn’t hurt either 🙂

It also has been brought to my attention to add this. Potter Puppet Pals! I am honestly so sad that I didn’t include them in the first time! Come on, everyone knows the Mysterious Ticking Noise! Hmm…Now what is that mysterious ticking noise?

So I hope everyone enjoys these links 🙂 Nothing makes me happier than meeting another HP lover. Also, I have had an inkling to go reread this series….and after writing this, I might just start!


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