Delirium, Pandemonium, Requiem

This book series was intense…Didn’t know it was a book series? You should check it out. This series is by Lauren Oliver. The titles of these books were enough to get my attention. And as soon as I started this series, I was hooked.


It’s an interesting concept. The parameters of society greatly differ from ours. This is a futuristic dystopian society, where love is viewed as a disease (interesting, right?). At eighteen, everyone is supposed to take get the cure. It’s a procedure that basically makes you immune to love…which also cancel outs the hate. It’s like living half asleep. I almost wish there was a prequel that explains what happened to make the world change to this crazy solution. Not everyone believes this cause, and many people, the Invalids, live outside the designated cities and live without the cure (in the wild).  There are a few questions that I have about the world she created, like how the cure came to be. Also, how can you really keep the boys and girls separate from each other? What if they have a sibling of the opposite sex? Are they separated? And a few more. If anyone knows of anything, please let me know!

Back to the story…Naturally, the main protagonist, Lena, is 17 and on her way to getting the cure, and what happens? She falls in love. These three novels follow her journey to resist conformity. I don’t want to give too much away here, in case anybody would like to read it.

Reading this novel, I was in full support of Lena, she might have been foolish at sometimes, but I was rooting for her at every step. To imagine a world where I wouldn’t be able to live freely as I do…it would be insane. I know I would fight for my freedom as much as she did.  I have to say, she is one of the only characters that I liked.

The other characters that I like are Alex and Julian (that might be a little strange for those of you who have already read the books, but it’s true). One person that I have never liked since the beginning was Hana. I never trusted her, and at one point in the series, I gave her a chance, I did, but that was destroyed in one single sentence (which I also called – probably why I didn’t like her).

The ending was a bit disappointing. There was this build-up to this epic fight, they are going to take over the city! But before anything happens, it ends. I turned the page expecting the story to continue, and it took me a moment to realize that the book was actually over, and this is the last book of the series. My favorite book of the series is definitely the second: Pandemonium. I liked the way every chapter alternated between the past and present. We were able to see how Lena changed as well as the dramatics of the present day.

Anybody have any thoughts on this series?


6 thoughts on “Delirium, Pandemonium, Requiem

  1. Sounds like an interesting series. Reminds me a bit of Logan Run in that society has certain rules you must confirm or face the consequences of being on the run.

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