Bucket List

Bucket List: Travel the World!

Travel the World!

Sounds cliche, is over used and you all probably think I am full of hot air, right?

I know travel the world is a huge statement. I know that I will not travel everywhere, but I do want to explore. I want to be on an adventure, I want to explore different cultures and meet different people. I know I need to do this while I am still young, before I get tied down even more.

Before I graduated I was too poor, and now I don’t have enough vacation days to take a nice vacation. So I just don’t know when I’m going to actually do it.

But, never fear, it will happen, and whether it’s one place or many…it will happen. Until then, I will visit the places near to me 🙂 It’s still an adventure!


Step 1: I just need a passport 🙂


Have you travelled anywhere? What is your favorite place to visit?


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