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What’s the Number One Goal on My Bucket List?

I’m going to start writing about some things on my bucket list (completely cliché?). However, having it written down and posted for everyone to see will be good motivation for me. Now what is it that is number one on my bucket list?
Writing a book.
This idea has been on my bucket list for about 7 years now. Do you want to know how close I have been to completing it? 35 pages. You can’t imagine how proud I was that I had 35 pages of a story written. What’s happening with that, you ask? It has been chilling in my documents folder for about 4 years. Such Progress, right? Along with that I have many “Idea #_” that are saved. 
It’s the same process that happens every time I think of a new idea. I always get completely enthralled in the story. I make a little outline, play out the opening scene. I literally will think about this story constantly. Then, I sit down to write it. This is where my plan crumbles. I feel like I have such good ideas, but I never know where to start.
Once I tried to solve this problem by saying my story. I got out my voice recorder and I tried to say what I was going to write. Let me tell you, I felt so awkward, and it did not help at all! I thought the process would be faster, that I could say what I was thinking, but I still was caught up on all the details. Needless to say, this was very frusterating. Although, my roommate, Jenna, got some amusement out of it.
As some of you might know, I love books. Love them, I could buy one book each day and be completely happy…poor, but happy. It would be such an incredible feeling to see something that I created sitting on my shelf, next to my favorite book series.
I’m semi-holding everyone reading this responsible! Does anybody know of any writing ideas? I can use all the help I can get!

4 thoughts on “What’s the Number One Goal on My Bucket List?

  1. It sounds like your problem with writing is that you see it all in your head, but when you start to write it, it goes wrong.

    Here’s a trade secret: It always feels like that. You have to accept that feeling and continuously remind yourself “I can edit when I’ve written the first draft.”

    But the true secret of writing is to make yourself write, no matter how much you hate what you’re writing (assuming you fell in love with the story to begin with), because there will always be parts that you hate.

    As for knowing where to start? Start wherever you want. Start in the middle, at the end, etc. Just start in conflict because that’s what draws readers. Character and conflict are the most essential elements of a good novel, with plot running close behind.

    1. Thank you! And I know, I definitely need to just write every day because I know I get hung up on the details. I need to keep going. I feel like I should love everything that I write, and you’re right, I’m not going to love every part of my story, but it might need to be there.

      Thank you so much for your advice 🙂

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