TV Shows

Am I part of “The Following”?

Is anybody else somewhat addicted to this show?

My roommate and I never planned on even watching it, and now, here we are 15 minutes away from the new episode, and I am on the edge of my seat hardly containing my excitement.

It happened to cross come up on our screen, and from the firs scene, we were entranced. The whole episode, we kept saying we were going to change the channel…we literally said that comment six times, and we just couldn’t change the channel. At the end of the episode, we shuddered at it and vouched that we wouldn’t watch it again.

…Which brings us to the next week. Once again, the same thing happened. Bloody images crossed the street, tempers flared, and crazy twists appeared in the whole episode.

Now I find myself yelling at the screen and contemplating who all is within the cult. I know crazy things are going to happen, and I am semi-excited for it. I know that every episode a new curveball will be thrown, and new theories will arise.


It’s truly an enthralling show. 

I would recommend it to anyone who is not afraid of a little violence (although there is more than a little…). It has a deep, interesting plot line and I can’t wait for tonights episode! I have become a follower of the following.

Anybody else going to be watching? 

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