I Dreamed A Dream


There is nothing like seeing a musical performed live. Yesterday, I had the immense pleasure of seeing Les Miserables at Cleveland Playhouse.

Where to even begin?

First, it was amazing. Simply, amazing. The play itself is a powerful, captivating, work of art. It pulls at your heart strings while simultaneously making you want to stand up for what you believe in. The cast was superb. Every character in this musical (even the small ones) requires strength and power, and there was no questions as to why everyone was casted in this. Literally, every song I had goose bumps. Every song was such a treat.

Second, Enjolras is my favorite. He is so intense and full of passion, he always has my attention. I also might be a little biased because in the movie he was played by Aaron Tveit. Of course, he is amazing and I will see anything that he is in….especially if he ever does Next to Normal again (which is a fantastic musical, I recommend that you should see it!)

Anyway, back to Les Mis 🙂

Third, some of the most iconic songs are within this musical: I Dreamed a Dream, On My Own and Red and Black. To have the privilege of seeing these songs live was more than I could ever ask for. Jean Valjean and Javert were amazing. Oh, and Gavroche! This little boy possessed more talent than I could ever hope to have.

Fourth, I love seeing musicals for the mere fact of admiring the talent before me. What these stage actors/actresses can do is truly remarkable. I wish that I could be as talented as them. I would love to join them on the stage. The truth is, they transport the audience to a different reality every night (and sometimes afternoons). With every audience, it’s a different story, a different telling. Every performance is a unique experience, never to be recreated, and I, personally thrive on that thought.

What these performers give to the audience cannot be replaced, and that, in short, is why I will always see musicals. No matter how far I need to travel, no matter how much everything costs, I will always be there in the audience: ready to laugh, to cry, to go through a whole circle of emotions and end up learning the entire soundtrack 🙂

All in all, I had such a wonderful experience. Does anybody else love musicals as much as I do?

2 thoughts on “I Dreamed A Dream

  1. I adore Les Mis! I have seen it live and I have the 10th anniversary DVD with a dream cast starring Colm Wilkinson. Some of the most amazing voices I have ever heard. Every song was to perfection!

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