My Addiction

What’s my addiction you ask?

It’s probably more common than you think….my addiction is books. I can’t help myself! Every time I enter a bookstore it’s a ticking time bomb until I buy the whole store, and tonight was no different.

My friends and I had a bookstore date (yes, I am that much of a nerd) and I couldn’t stop myself! Guess how many books I bought….please guess. No? 4. I bought 4 books. And that was after downgrading from 6! It was an actual struggle to put back those two books.

When I walk into a bookstore, I’m a wide eyed child in a candy store. At first I stare around in wonder, taking in whats new and on display and then I run around the store frantically trying to find my favorite candies and new goodies.

It’s pretty entertaining, if I do say so myself. It’s even better when my friends join me in the craziness. We bounce from section to section, finding random books, passing the interesting ones on and subsequently, buying most of them.

But as I was saying, it’s an addiction. I need to join BBA, Buyers of Books Anonymous. If this truly existed, I doubt I will be the only one. That consoles me, a bit. This will be my opening statement: Hi, my name is Amy, and I have over 250 books.

Yep, you read that right. Over 250 books. And the worst part, I still have about 80 that I still have to read. I know, why buy books even though I still have some to read? Like I said, it’s a problem.


Does anyone have this same problem? How many books do you have, but still have to read?



6 thoughts on “My Addiction

  1. I completely understand. I had a few hundred books and donated about 80% of them when I moved across the country and I actually cried. I tried to explain to my husband that it was like leaving a bunch of friends behind (which he pretended to understand for my sake).

    1. Exactly! I’m pretty sure that is exactly how I will be if I donate them. I don’t know if I can part with them. It will take a lot for me to actually do it.

  2. 250? I’m at about 440, almost out of shelf-space and with no way to get rid of any books… I’ve gotten a bit better at not immediately buying everything that looks interesting, but not much…still about 10 books on my TBR pile, and another ten or so coming in the mail…

  3. I have no idea what my book count is–I have more than 200 books stacked in front of the books settled more properly on my bookshelves, so it’s a lot.
    But I still buy more anyway.

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